Vibration Textbooks (Englisch Language)

Dynamics and Vibrations Group

Vibrations and Waves in Continuous Mechanical Systems

P. Hagedorn and A. DasGupta, 1st Edition, Wiley, 2007


  1. Vibrations of Strings and Bars
  2. One Dimensional Wave Equation: D'Alembert's Solution
  3. Vibrations of Beams
  4. Vibrations of Membranes
  5. Vibrations of Plates
  6. Boundary Value and Eigenvalue Problems in Vibrations
  7. Waves in Fluids
  8. Waves in Elastic Continua
  9. The Variational Formulation of Dynamics
  10. Harmonic Waves and Dispersion Relation
  11. Variational Formulation for Dynamics of Plates

ISBN: 0-4705-1738-7, © Wiley, 2007

Non-Linear Oscillations

P. Hagedorn, 2nd Edition, Oxford Engineering Science, 1988


  1. The mathematical pendulum as an illustration of linear and non-linear oscillations: Systems which are similar to a simple linear oscillator
  2. LIAPOUNOV stability theory and bifurcations
  3. Self -excited vibrations
  4. HAMILTONian systems
  5. Introduction to the theory of optimal control

This book is also available in german and portuguese

ISBN: 0-19-856194-6