Vibrations of Continuous Mechanical Systems (not offered)

Dynamics and Vibrations Group

Vibrations of Continuous Mechanical Systems

Course titled “Vibrations of Continuous Mechanical Systems” at MSc level through English is currently being offered.

Lecturers: Dr. Eoin Clerkin & Prof. Peter Hagedorn

Expected Topics:

  • Linear systems with infinitely many degrees of freedom.
  • Free and forced vibrations
  • D'Alembert's solution of the wave equation and wave propagation.
  • Hamiltonian principle and variational calculus
  • Eigenvalue theory of self adjoint operators
  • Greens Functions
  • Approximation methods (Rayleigh Quotient, Ritz Method, FEM)
  • Introduction to Acoustics
  • Commercial software and modern vibration problems in engineering.


You may register for this course via TuCAN. If you wish to attend class without registration, please introduce yourself by sending.

Time and Place

Lectures are to be held in Room L1 03/73

  • Monday 8am-10am
  • Wednesday 8am-10am

Some of this time may be allocated to tutorial sessions.

Grading System

Following the direction of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, the overall grade will be calculated as follows:

  • 30% ~ Homework: 3 problems sheets will be made available during the semester whose answers will be expected to be completed and handed back before a specified date.
  • 20% ~ Midterm Examination: Scheduled for July 3rd 2017. More details to be supplied during class.
  • 50% ~ Final Examination: Scheduled for July 19th 2017. Duration: 1 1/2 hours. Further details will follow.

The problem sheets will be distributed during class and expected to be completed by the following week. Considering the overall grade percentage, students are strongly encouraged to attempt all questions on all problem sheets. The dates for the midterm and final exams will be annouced in class in the coming days.

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Books – Reading Material

Links are provided below for two books, each of which cover the course material. The first and earlier edition is in German and second is in English. You may decide to use one of these depending on your language preference.